Traveling to Mexico and Central America but on a budget?  


Vicky Roberts
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16/07/2018 12:28 pm  
Please no rude or mean comments! I would like information about how to travel economically from the USA to Mexico, and possibly from Mexico to Costa Rica. 

I'm a TEFL teacher and right now I've got to decide where to work and how to line up a job. 

I was just thinking wishfully about lining up a job in advance; it looks like I'm gonna have to go down in person just to even get an interview with a school. 

Costa Rica is amazing and I haven't ruled out teaching there but I've done some soul searching and decided that I am determined to find a TEFL job in Mexico. 

I've done research, talked to my trainers at my TEFL school and made lists of schools; I'm gonna try for Mexico but if I have no luck there I'm going to head to Costa Rica. 

The problem is, I'm a language teacher... so I'm really on a budget! I feel like I'm gambling because I have to spend money on traveling down there and there's no guarantee I'll get a job. I've worked hard and budgeted my $$$ but once it's gone, it's gone!! I would REALLY like some advice about the most affordable, SAFE ways to travel to these countries!!! I LOVE flying but if there's a cheaper way that's safe I'd consider that. 

Please understand that I've made my mind up, and with all respect, I know what I'm doing! I've already been to college in Mexico, I've taught English there, and even though it has been a few years since I have been there, I have friends there and keep in touch wth other teachers and I speak the language fluently. I know I stand out physically (look at my avatar! It looks like me) but people in Mexico aren't gonna be mean to you because you're foreign (there are exceptions, but as a rule). I am NOT going to change my mind, so please don't try to talk me out of it! I would really love to teach in Costa Rica and haven't ruled it out but I'm still going to try Mexico. Nothing will make me change my mind on that. 

Thank you if you can help me! 

Please, like I said, don't try to talk me out of teaching English abroad. I had a job in a law office and I was miserable... I taught Spanish in the public schools and I never wanna see the inside of an American public school again... and the thought of staying in one place forever makes me cringe. I have my heart set on TEFL. One day I wanna teach in Asia, its amazing too, but right now I'm DETERMINED to go to Latin America.