Adventure planning - Crazy stuff to do or places to go?  


John Ross
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12/07/2018 10:36 am  
I'm a bit adventurous and I will be finishing up with my bachelors degree soon. I plan on taking some time after school to travel abroad, explore, and basically just fall into the unexpected; you know an adventure if you will. Opinions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. What is there to do, hot spots, what to look out for, etc. the 411. Also, money is not a factor, so just about anything is considerable. 

The site that motivated me was, but it is not the kind of travel I'm looking for. The locations are a bit interesting however. 

Here are some of my ideas: 
- Great Barrier Reef - Australia/New Zealand 
- Cage Diving w/ White Sharks (Isle De Guadalupe) 
- Costa Rica - surfing, night life, the jungle 
- Puerto Rico?? 
- Budapest, Hungary 
- Alaska - cruise and city stay 
- Kenya, Tanzania, S. Africa (Although Malaria makes me think twice) 

P.S. - Let me know about dangerous areas to stay away from, I'm not a black market organ donor!