What is the best way to get from French Guiana to Australia?  


Maryan Elston
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15/07/2018 5:15 am  

We are planning to move to French Guiana. but later on, id like to move to Australia because my boyfriend is there and I would like to go study there also. And I looked up the price for plane tickets from French Guiana to Australia and it is horribly expensive, around 10,000$. I couldn't possibly pay that. So I was wondering if there was another way, a better way, to get from French Guiana to Australia? It would be from cayenne to Brisbane, but if its another city then cayenne and Brisbane then I don't mind at all, ill manage. I mean I don't mind how many stops I have to do. and I don't mind where I have to go. I just want the cheapest way to get there. If anyone knows anything. Thank you so much in advance